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Company logo shirts can accomplish so much for you. Not only do they serve as marketing tools to promote your business, services, or products, they also work to build morale and team pride.

Choose The Right Screen Printing Company

It all starts with choosing the right company that will do a quality job for you and create a company logo shirt that exudes professionalism and draws positive attention to your business. At Smith Promotions, we make sure to deliver a quality experience to our customers throughout the entire process.

Our talented designers work directly with you to create an attractive design that delivers the message you want to convey. We take great care to set up our machines so that, whether we’re doing screen printing or logo embroidery, the results are top-quality. Our production facility is capable of producing over 10,000 screen-printed pieces a week, so we can handle healthy volumes and meet tight deadlines. Our convenient location in Visalia, CA, enables us to deliver your shirts the very day that your order is completed, which is a huge benefit to the many business that are near us.

T-shirt Printing Options

When it comes to screen printing T-shirts, you have a few options. You can have standard T-shirts printed, which is a popular choice. These shirts are versatile and easy to print on, and you can opt for any color scheme that represents your company best. Another popular choice in T-shirt printing is the dri-fit shirt, made from a high-performance fabric that is both lightweight and soft, and conveys a look that merges professionalism and competence. In addition, you can have quality sweatshirts printed for a garment your employees can wear in the evening or during the cooler months.

Logo Embroidery

This option is commonly chosen for polo shirts. With precise stitching and quality threads, Smith Promotions can create the ideal logo and embroider it on your shirts for a classy, timeless look. We have state-of-the-art embroidery machines that can run multiple jobs simultaneously, enabling us to create quality embroidery results with quick turnaround times.

Draw Attention To Your Business

Of course, the main reason our customers choose our embroidery and printing services is our ability to create quality products that draw positive attention to your business. It makes no difference if you provide services or products; marketing is always important in business, and a quality company logo shirt can turn you into a walking billboard in a good way! Wherever you go, you’ll be advertising your business and promoting your products or services. A quality shirt is an effective and relatively inexpensive way to promote your company. And with each employee wearing a company shirt, you know that they’ll be promoting within their own circles, reaching potential customers you might not otherwise have access to.

Build A Sense Of Pride

The other big reason to have company logo shirts made is to build morale within your business. When your employees wear a quality shirt that prominently exhibits your company logo, they feel a part of something bigger than themselves. This leads to greater pride in their jobs, and a greater sense of being part of a team. This can then lead to more efficient and even happier employees.

Screen Printing In Visalia, CA

When you’re ready to have a design made for your company logo shirts, turn to Smith Promotions. We are a full-service screen printing company that provides embroidery and laser engraving services as well. We can help you design the perfect logo, and we’ll deliver T-shirt printing or logo embroidery services you’ll be pleased with, at economical prices. Contact Smith Promotions in Visalia today to learn what a quality screen printing company can do for you to enhance your business’ image and help you promote your brand.

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