Five Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Printing Company

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Question 1: How Long Will It Take For You To Complete My Job?

Your business or your upcoming event rely on the timely delivery of your screen-printed items. Whether it’s T-shirts, hats, tote bags, or any other product, you need a screen printing company you can rely on to produce the quantity of items you need and deliver your batch when you need it. Even before asking for pricing information, it’s important to find out about the company’s lead times.

Question 2: What Type Of Equipment Do You Use?

Ideally, you’ll work with a company that uses state-of-the-art machinery designed for the purpose of high-quantity, heavy-duty printing. These machines need to be able to take your artwork and transfer it to beautiful screen-printed products consistently, so that the one-thousandth T-shirt looks as good as the first. For speed and efficiency, the process needs to be automated, but at the same time, a watchful pair of eyes needs to be monitoring the output to ensure quality.

You’ll also want to know what types of fabrics the screen printing company’s machinery can handle. Is the company able to work with polyester, cotton, and blends? How many machines do they have? How many screen-printed pieces can each machine handle? These are important questions, and even though you may not need to know every detail of the equipment in use, you’ll have a better grasp of the company’s expertise by the way they explain their machinery to you.

Question 3: What Other Services Can You Provide?

Your business may need other related services, and it would be helpful to get your different jobs completed by the same company. It can save you money, and it can also simplify the process of coordinating the making of your promotional materials and other goods when you have just one reliable rep to deal with versus multiple reps (and different phone numbers, pricing structures, and delivery timelines to contend with).

Question 4: How Do You Handle My Artwork?

If the company will be handling multiple jobs for you, it’s a good idea to have them hold on to your files and models so they can keep working on your jobs without unnecessary interruptions.

At the end of the project, though, when all of your products have been made and you don’t plan on making anything else with this particular design, you’ll want to get your artwork back. Check with the screen printing company to see how they handle your files both during the project (e.g. how do they store them? How do they ensure no information will be lost?) and once the project is done.

Question 5: What Are Your Values?

This may seem like an unusual question, but it really isn’t. You and your business have certain values. Do the values of your screen printing company match up? At least in core areas, they should.

Values to look for in any vendor you do business with include integrity in every transaction, commitment to quality (in customer service and in product results), and respect for everyone, from employees to customers.

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