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Custom T-shirts are more than a piece of clothing or a way to show off a nice design. A custom tee can serve as publicity for your brand. When creating custom T-shirts or other articles of clothing that promote your brand, keep the following points in mind.

Above All, Clarity

There’s nothing more frustrating than a missed marketing opportunity because the potential customers or clients couldn’t read your message. A great design is eye-catching, but if the person’s who’s looking at the promotional tee can’t decipher what you’re trying to say, then you’ve lost the chance to convert someone over to your brand. It’s fine to be innovative, but when in doubt, always opt for clarity first.

Create The Right Message

With that said, start out by coming up with the right message that’s clear, concise, and memorable. A catchy slogan is always worthwhile; it’s easy to remember, so it’ll stay in the reader’s mind longer than a collection of uninspiring words would. A catchy slogan with a touch of humor is even better, because it’ll bring a smile to the reader’s face and generate positive feelings. If you can have someone associate your brand with positive feelings, you’ve already won half the battle! Just be sure you don’t get so clever that your company’s message gets lost. Choose clarity first, cleverness second.

Make It Memorable

We’ve already touched upon creating a memorable message. Now, add a visual design that supports your message to make an even greater impact. Having an attractive visual associated with your promotional words will make your clear, clever message stick in the viewer’s mind. Here’s where you’ll want to work with your screen printing company for help with ideas. A T-shirt printing company that has worked with many different clients has ample experience with what’s effective in terms of colors, font size and style, design complexity, and much more. Regard your screen printing company as a partner in your promotional efforts. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Include Your Company Name

The most beautiful design and cleverest words printed on custom t-shirts will not help you very much if you’ve forgotten to include your company or brand name! Be sure to incorporate clear information that identifies who you are. If possible, and if appropriate, you can even add your website, email address, or phone number to help people reach you readily. Not every design can successfully include contact information, but some can, so don’t automatically rule this out.

The Right Colors Make A Difference

Certain color combinations are more pleasing to humans than others. It’s something that’s wired into us and has been passed down from our ancestors across centuries. Colors call out to us, so a bold, colorful custom T-shirt design can serve well as a walking billboard. Reach out to your screen printing company for color combination suggestions that are especially effective.

Quality Counts

If the print quality is poor, this will reflect poorly on your company or brand. With T-shirt printing, proper alignment of the various printing layers is exceedingly important. If anything is off with the printing process or the equipment, it’ll show on your promotional products, and the poor quality of the shirt will give you and your company a bad name. Always go with a reputable screen printing company you can trust in order to get the best results possible!

Turn To Smith Promotions In Visalia

The dedicated teams at Smith Promotions have been creating eye-catching promotional products for our clients since 2008. Our rapid growth is a testament to the popularity of our services and quality of our work. Whether you need to have T-shirts, totes, or other fabrics screen printed, or you need hats, polo shirts, and assorted items of clothing embroidered, we’ll work with you to expertly handle the creation of your promotional products.

Our goal is to streamline the process for you, freeing you up to handle the other important aspects of running your business. Our diverse clientele trusts us to do everything from ordering quality, affordable items to be printed, to providing top-quality screen printing and embroidery services for custom promotional products that stand out. We also offer laser engraving services for your convenience. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your promotional efforts.

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