Color Graphics Bring Your Promotional Products to Life

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Whatever business you’re in, a big part of your job is to attract new customers. Whether you’re an orthodontist, a skateboard shop, a florist, or an events planner, you need company logo shirts and other promotional products that are eye-catching to generate excitement for your business.

Here at Smith Promotions in Visalia, California, we specialize in helping our clients create promotional items that look great and help you build your unique brand. Our screen printing process is able to generate vivid color graphics that add a tremendous level of appeal to your promo products, ensuring that you attract attention to successfully promote your business.

When you’re creating your design to be printed on T-shirts or embroidered on hats or other products, keep the following in mind.

Color Grabs Attention

Have you ever noticed how kids naturally gravitate to the most colorful displays at stores, museums, libraries, and other places? It seems we’re automatically drawn to color, and this doesn’t stop as we grow older.

Just look at the recent coloring books for grown-ups phenomenon. It seems that the act of creating something with beautiful colors is soothing, as evidenced by how many adults are buying coloring books for themselves and taking up coloring as a relaxation technique.

And who isn’t drawn to a bright neon sign? A colorful flower garden can fill us with awe. Don’t forget mesmerizing sunsets. Let’s face it — we all love bright, bold hues, and we’re mysteriously drawn to them!

It’s the same with promotional products. If you design a colorful design and have it printed on a shirt, a tote bag, or any other items, you’ll be sure to draw attention thanks to the bright, cheerful colors you’ve used.

Certain Color Combinations Work Especially Well

Artists know this and use it to their advantage. They are able to evoke certain feelings and longings simply through the colors they select. You can use this to your advantage as well in your marketing efforts. Use color combinations that generate good feelings. For example, certain orange hues go really well with blues for a bold statement. Pinks and greens work well together for a softer, spring-like sense. Play around with color combos to see what works best for you.

Be Sure To Maintain Legibility

As you explore colors, make sure your words don’t get lost in the mix. Your business name and your tagline need to come across clearly. One way to accomplish this is through contrast. Make your words stand out, either light against dark, or dark against light.

Draw potential customers in with color, but then deliver a clear message about who you are. If you can also convey what you do, even better! Just don’t crowd your design. Less is usually more, which means you’ll need to come up with a way to include your company name and deliver your message using a few choice words, and then ideally, the logo design itself can fill in the blanks.

Color Can Lift Your Potential Clients’ Moods

The right colors and combinations can lift up people’s feelings. They can trigger a sense of happiness, joy, even celebration. A humorous design can make someone laugh, instantly improving their mood.

There’s a popular Spanish-language song that’s been sung by kids at school and people of all ages at festivals and gatherings for quite a number of years called De Colores, which has the effect of uniting people and cheering them up. Here’s a line from that song:

  • De colores se visten los campos en la primavera.

This translates to, “The fields in the spring dress themselves in colors.”

And another line goes like this:

  • De colores es el arco iris que vemos lucir.

This line means, “Colors make up the rainbow that we see shine.”

This sweet little children’s song expresses well our love of colors. We’re drawn to color in nature; we’re drawn to color anywhere. Keep this in mind the next time you’re designing promotional items designed to share your business with the world!

Turn To Smith Promotions For Vivid Color Graphics

Here at Smith Promotions in Visalia, we work diligently to create beautiful items our clients use to promote and advertise their businesses, products, services, and events. Our equipment is capable of turning out thousands of quality screen-printed apparel items every week. We can print in black and white or color graphics, and our machines can handle almost every type of fabric that’s out there, made from cotton, polyester, or blends.

Bring us your designs, and we’ll print them onto T-shirts and other products you’ll be proud to wear, to sell, or to give away to promote your business. In addition, we have full embroidery capabilities thanks to our state-of-the-art embroidery machines that enable us to deliver fast turnaround times. We even offer laser engraving that utilizes up-to-date laser etching technology for both wearable products and decorative pieces.

When you’re ready to produce products with eye-catching designs that draw positive attention to your business, turn to the screen printing and embroidery professionals at Smith Promotions. Our love of screen printing goes way back to our childhood days; in fact, owners Rob and Tommy Smith started to learn screen printing techniques when they were kids!

With our passion for what we do, combined with our years of experience and the skill we’ve built up along the way, we are the right choice for clients in California and across the United States. Reach out to us today to discuss your next project.

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