About Us

 Rob Smith and his brother Tommy launched Smith Promotions in 2008, but their work together started long before that. The pair toiled on their used press in their Visalia garage and learned the screen printing craft for years as youngsters. It was supposed to just be something fun, but it soon turned into more than that. They built a reputation for themselves with their imagination and skills and their t-shirts started popping up all across town. They still haven’t lost that touch. It’s that same love of the art that today makes Smith Promotions so special and a truly unique Visalia story.

Core Values


When you’ve been making pretty things for as long as we have you tend to learn a few things. Let us guide you on your next project.


We have three rules, get it in, get it right and get it out. Getting you your project when you need it is more than words, it’s what we do.


When it comes to marketing your business or event it’s important to get it right. We have the professional to ensure your piece is a homerun



When it comes to embroidery big is better. Our state-of-the-art embroidery machines total 60 heads and can run eight jobs simultaneously. With this much firepower we can produce 8,000 high quality embroidered pieces per week and give consumers rapid turnaround times.

Screen Printing

Our automated screen-printing capabilities delivery uncanny accuracy and consistency with your artwork. We back this up with a quality guarantee as our machines are built to work with nearly every fabric from 100% polyester to 100% cotton. Our powerful pneumatic processing allows us to produce 10,000 screen printed pieces per week.

Laser Etching

Our unique laser etching technology allows us to create the most custom of products. The machine is specifically built for 100% polyester wearable products and allows for small quantity corporate apparel, but it truly does so much more. It allows accurate, tonal artwork to be placed anywhere an on nearly everything from leather gloves to t-shirts.


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Screen Printing
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Meet Our Staff

  • Irma
  • Maria
  • Clara
  • Laura
  • Tommy
  • Rob
  • Rudy
  • Steve
  • Jose
  • Jesse
  • Mike
  • Rob